Minggu, 05 April 2015

Download Font HP Simplified

Download Font HP Simplifed

Hi bloggers friends, today I shall share to you a very precious font, HP Simplified font. Many people was looking for this font and now it is time to get all of what you want. This font is used on HP Website and also on its products. I  got this font when I visited HP website. Now, it is free for you to get this font. But, please do not reedited, modified, or changed the properties of this font so that the Vendor URL, copyright, and its properties will be secured.

Download HP Simplified

This font is available for Regular, Italic, Bold, and Light. *Update, Please click the "Unduh" button in SkyDrive site to download.

This font is created by Dalton Maag Ltd. You could visit this link for further information.

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